Altec Purports Pro Sound with Lansing FX 6021 Speakers


The technique used by Altec, known as InConcert Technology, is derived - though this is not stated explicitly, just hinted at in passing - from the line array technique, one that is in universal use today for power sound reproduction of concerts and other important events. The technique was perfected by a French scientist, Dr Christian Heil, and has been used in the reproduction systems of the L-Acoustics company, especially in its first line array system, the V-DOSC, which has become the world industry standard. All the major manufacturers have adopted this technique, and it has become unbeatable in the field of professional sound.

The V-DOSC L-Acoustics System, combined with other DV-DOSC elements (at the bottom of the column) is used as the sound system for concerts at the famous Olympia concert hall in Paris.

The relationship between a concert hall system that may be more than 35 feet (10 m) high and attain a power of several dozen kilowatts and a 2.1system designed for a desktop PC may not be immediately obvious. We'll try and explain it, but this involves using acoustic concepts that won't be familiar to non-specialists. As a result, the explanations will be highly simplified; so let's forget some of the more esoteric aspects and don't take everything literally. If the line array technique is of interest, you will find more information - some of it complex - in the R&D section of the L-Acoustics site mentioned above.