AMD's Athlon 1400 and Duron 950

The Two Athlon 1400 Processors

Above you see B-Athlon 1400 for 100 MHz FSB clock.

AMD launched two different Athlon 1400 processors on Wednesday, the Athlon 1400 for 133/266 MHz FSB clock and the Athlon 1400 for 100/200 MHz FSB clock. Both processors are using the well-known 'Thunderbird' core that hasn't changed for exactly one year. The 1.75 V core voltage as well as all other features of the two new Athlons remain the same as with previous Athlon processors. You will neither find the badly needed thermal protection, nor any performance enhancing design changes.

Athlon 1400/266 (C-type) is clearly the by far more attractive of the two, since its 33% faster front side bus ensures a significant performance advantage over the very similarly priced Athlon 1400/200 (B-type). Make sure that you have a very good reason for the purchase of an Athlon 1400/200, because Athlon 1400/266 is the by far better choice.