Annual Review: Six Gamepads

Saitek Cyborg Evo Joystick

Saitek's ranges last year were a bit disappointing, so this year they have repented and revamped the whole lot. Cyborg joysticks were always out on a limb with their key to adjust the stick to fit your shape. With the Evo, Saitek has taken this system even further and we must say it is a success. Its looks have also been updated to the current corners and curves fashion and the blend of black and silver is really attractive. No denying it, this is one beauty of a beast! All the adjustments are done directly via aluminum knobs, so adapting the stick to your preferences is all the easier. This is the first truly ambidextrous joystick on the market. The palm rest unscrews to change its position and its height can be adjusted to fit the size of your hands.

At the top of the stick, there are two knobs to control the tilt of the head via a worm gear. I liked the slight left tilt, which suited my fingers better. The buttons below the hat can be raised or lowered to adjust the space between them, likewise the hat as you find most comfortable.

The overall ergonomics are good, but finally not as good as you'd expect with all these adjustments. The device is stable and the stick easy to grasp, but the buttons round the hat are not that easy to reach, however much you tweak them. I promise you it's not much to worry about, but you don't feel as comfortable as with the Logitech Extreme Pro. The base, however, is really stable and the throttle even better than the Logitech's. The buttons on the base are easy to reach and the cherry on the cake is the red and blue diodes, which light the Cyborg up, like a Christmas tree. It's up to you to see whether you like that!