Conclusions On The 2003 Vintage, Continued

For gamepads, it all depends whether you want low-priced wired or wireless. For wired pads, the Logitech Dual Action is the most cost-effective. Personally, I don't really see the point of vibrations on a PC controller and this model suits me fine as it is simple and functional. That said, the little brother of the Saitek P3000, the P880, costs the same $35 (30 euros) and is equally good except for the light blue color, which is not terribly effective. Likewise, the differently shaped but ergonomic Thrustmaster Dual Analog Gamepad at the same price can also be recommended. If the D-pad is your criterion, the Saitek is best. For wireless pads, the Saitek P3000 is tremendous except for having only one channel, which means it can't be linked to another pad. The only product to rival it is the Logitech Cordless Rumblepad de Logitech. It may be heavier on account of the batteries but it is beautifully finished and wonderfully ergonomic. It vibrates and transmits perfectly through an infinite number of channels on the 2.4 GHz bandwidth. You can use as many pads as you like with it. Its price should drop to be nearer to that of the P3000.

As for wheels, you can forget the Saitek RX 440 for a start. The Enzo is an option if the flaw in the thumb notch doesn't bother you. In fact, there is really only one I can recommend without reservations, even if its clamping system is a nightmare and its price high, and that is the Logitech Momo Racing.