Antec HCG1000 Extreme 1000W PSU Review: Good Looks For $150

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Ripple Measurements

To learn how we measure ripple, please click here.

The following table includes the ripple levels we measured on the HCG1000 Extreme’s rails. The limits, according to the ATX specification, are 120mV (+12V) and 50mV (5V, 3.3V, and 5VSB).

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10% Load18.5mV5.9mV5.1mV4.5mVPass
20% Load20.8mV6.2mV5.7mV4.9mVPass
30% Load21.7mV6.9mV6.4mV5.1mVPass
40% Load21.3mV8.1mV7.2mV5.4mVPass
50% Load14.4mV9.3mV8.3mV6.1mVPass
60% Load13.5mV9.2mV7.7mV6.5mVPass
70% Load14.1mV9.3mV8.0mV6.6mVPass
80% Load14.5mV9.8mV9.2mV11.3mVPass
90% Load15.6mV11.0mV9.5mV11.9mVPass
100% Load17.1mV10.9mV10.1mV12.0mVPass
110% Load22.5mV16.5mV17.2mV16.2mVPass
Cross-Load 118.6mV9.4mV9.7mV5.6mVPass
Cross-Load 217.5mV9.5mV6.2mV9.6mVPass

Ripple suppression is excellent on every rail, even under the tough operating conditions that we apply.

Ripple Oscilloscope Screenshots

The following oscilloscope screenshots illustrate the AC ripple and noise registered on the main rails (+12V, 5V, 3.3V, and 5VSB). The bigger the fluctuations, the bigger the ripple/noise. We set 0.01 V/Div (each vertical division/box equals 0.01V) as the standard for all measurements.  

Ripple At Full Load

Ripple At 110-Percent Load

Ripple At Cross-Load 1

Ripple At Cross-Load 2

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Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • richardvday
    I am very curious why so many 1000W or larger PSU's ? How many of these do they actually sell ? How many people need a 1000w PSU ? 500-600W seems the sweet spot that most people would need. I have an 850W that I have been kicking myself in the head for ever since really. I need 500W so my efficiency sucks, wasting energy.
  • totalinsanity4
    PSUs are actually most efficient when you're at about half load, so people with 500-600W loads will actually be seeing a slightly lower power bill with a 1000W PSU than, for instance, a 650W one
  • richardvday
    And idling ?
  • crmaris
    modern PSUs featuring LLC resonant converters also have good efficiency under light loads regardless capacity, given that their design is good. With LLC Burst Mode efficiency under light loads vastly improves.
  • test_purch1
    Test Automation comment 1535112055212