Aopen's XC Cube Shows Barebones is Getting Better All the Time

AOpen XC Cube AV's InstantON Boots In Five Seconds

Raise your hand if you're familiar with WindowsXP boot times - the disk rattles and shudders, the screen flickers briefly and, after a long while, it finally brings up the Windows desktop. And maybe you only want to play some tunes or a DVD. AOpen demonstrates with the XC Cube AV that things can be different - and certainly not this slow. The Linux operating system requires just 100 MB and boots up within five seconds. But never fear, the Linux installation itself is self-explanatory and does not call for prior experience. Only the basic drivers, specially adapted to the XC Cube AV's motherboard, are used.

You do not need to make settings to the video resolution or install any device drivers. InstantON, as this Linux CD is called, must be installed before the actual OS (Windows), and installation takes just a few minutes. A stand-alone module is loaded for each playback, selectable via the remote control or the buttons on the barebones. Loading the DVD player on fast hardware takes less than five seconds. Setting up the CD/MP3 player or activating the TV/radio tuner also takes but a few seconds before playback commences on the monitor or TV.

The CD player is ideal for playing back MP3 files from CD or the hard drive.

The wire antenna makes the radio sound like a '50s model.

Siggy Moersch
  • g-thor
    "It's Got It All" - except it doesn't. VGA output? The connector that is going the way of the dinosaur is included, but no way to have DVI, no means of putting in HDMI. And the US market is heralding the end of regular TV.

    Perhaps the market they want is those who want to make a bit more use of their regular TV - but a DVD player will do that, or a converter that will display an HD signal on an older set. This doesn't do that, so why would I want it? If you have a reasonable response to that, I'd love to hear it.