Aopen's XC Cube Shows Barebones is Getting Better All the Time

Home Theater Replaces Media Center

If you want more than just playback, you have to live with a detour via Windows. The InterVideo software is on a par with Microsoft's Media Center and is almost identical in functions and configuration. With the Home Theater you can manage all your video, audio and image files or view them on the TV. All functions can also be entered with the remote control. You may end up straining your eyes if the barebones is connected to a television when you install the software, as at resolutions of 1024 or even 800, the buttons can only be vaguely made out, let alone read.

We recommend that you install Windows and the Home Theater on a monitor, even if it's only a 14". Playback of DVDs or MPEG2 movies recorded with the TV card is smooth and wobble-free.

Installing the software from the TV is not an option.

The control center for TV, movies and audio files is reminiscent of its Microsoft counterpart.

DVD playback on the TV is wobble-free.

Siggy Moersch
  • g-thor
    "It's Got It All" - except it doesn't. VGA output? The connector that is going the way of the dinosaur is included, but no way to have DVI, no means of putting in HDMI. And the US market is heralding the end of regular TV.

    Perhaps the market they want is those who want to make a bit more use of their regular TV - but a DVD player will do that, or a converter that will display an HD signal on an older set. This doesn't do that, so why would I want it? If you have a reasonable response to that, I'd love to hear it.