Aopen's XC Cube Shows Barebones is Getting Better All the Time

TV Recording Only Via Windows

You can record programs with the built-in TV tuner card but only when Windows and Home Theater are running. This function is not supported by InstantON. To make up for this, the InterVideo software can handle time shifting and has a timer function. Programs can be recorded in MPEG-2 format; only the file system and the space on the installed hard drive stand in the way of endless recordings directly from the TV tuner. The software offers three recording qualities. The "Good" setting, for example, means a two-minute TV program will take up 100 MB on the hard drive.

The blue-lit display shows the current recording length.

All functions are displayed on the AV-Cube screen.

16 program slots are displayed in Channel Surf mode.

Siggy Moersch
  • g-thor
    "It's Got It All" - except it doesn't. VGA output? The connector that is going the way of the dinosaur is included, but no way to have DVI, no means of putting in HDMI. And the US market is heralding the end of regular TV.

    Perhaps the market they want is those who want to make a bit more use of their regular TV - but a DVD player will do that, or a converter that will display an HD signal on an older set. This doesn't do that, so why would I want it? If you have a reasonable response to that, I'd love to hear it.