Aopen's XC Cube Shows Barebones is Getting Better All the Time

AOpen XCube AV's Technical Specs

Aopen XC Cube AV (EA65)
Dimensions 300x200x185mm
Front Ports
USB 2x USB 2.0 Type A
FireWire IEEE 1394 1x 4-pin, 1x 6-pin
Audio-Out For headphones
Microphone 1x
Card Reader SD, MMC, SM, CF, MS
Back Ports
PS/2 2x mouse / keyboard
VGA 1x
USB 2x USB 2.0 Type A
FireWire IEEE 1394 1x 6-pin
Serial / Parallel 1x each
Sound 3x (usable as 5.1)
Coaxial RCA 1x
LAN 1x (10/100/1000)
Manufacturer Aopen
Model FSP220-60CU(PF)
Watt max. 205 Watt
CPU Support Intel Pentium 4
CPU Socket 478
CPU Clock 400, 533, 800 MHz
FSB Clock 400, 533, 800 MHz
Northbridge INTEL865G
Southbridge ICH-5
Memory Type DDR SDRAM
Memory Speed(s) 266 - 400 MHz
Memory Modes Dual-Channel
Memory Slots 2
Maximum RAM 2 GB
ECC/Registered Memory no/no
I/O Components
1. Mass Storage Controller ICH-5
Storage Ports IDE 2x UltraATA/100
Storage Ports S-ATA 2x S-ATA 150
RAID Support (S-ATA only) no
Floppy Controller no
Primary Network Controller Broadcom Gigabit
Parallel/Serial 1 / 1
USB Ports (integrated/additional) 2F/2B/2I*
FireWire 2F/1B/0I*
Game Port no
Expansion Slots
PCI Slots 1x 32 Bit PCI 2.3
PCI-X/PCI Express no/no
AGP 1x AGP 3.0 (8X)
On-Board Audio
Type AC97 2.2
Surround Support 5.1 Channel
Jacks (Back) Line-In, Line-Out, Mic, SPDIF-IN
Jacks (Front) Line-Out, Mic, SPDIF-out
User Manual English
Cable S-ATA, IDE, Floppy, S-ATA power cable, S-video, Composite, Audio
Software Driver, InterVideo Home Theater
Legend: F=Front, B=Back, I=Internal


AOpen shows us where it's at with its awesome mini PC as a new era has dawned in the barebones segment with AOpen's XC Cube AV. Its functions should become standard and mandatory in all mini PCs. With its InstantON software, AOpen circumvents the boot time of the Windows operating system. In five short seconds, the DVD or MP3 player and the TV tuner card are ready for use. For those who prefer working in Windows, the XC Cube AV barebones can also be equipped with the Microsoft OS. What you're left with in this case is a normal PC in a slim format. Even then the XC Cube AV shows its individuality. With Home Theater from InterVideo, the backbone becomes a digital VCR, a radio or a DVD player, depending on how the mini PC is being used at that moment. It goes without saying that the XC Cube AV also works well for gaming and online use. What's more, its intelligent fan control means that you can barely hear it when it is in operation.

The XC Cube AV is available in the stores for less than $400 or 339 euros.

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  • g-thor
    "It's Got It All" - except it doesn't. VGA output? The connector that is going the way of the dinosaur is included, but no way to have DVI, no means of putting in HDMI. And the US market is heralding the end of regular TV.

    Perhaps the market they want is those who want to make a bit more use of their regular TV - but a DVD player will do that, or a converter that will display an HD signal on an older set. This doesn't do that, so why would I want it? If you have a reasonable response to that, I'd love to hear it.