AOpen EY855: Can the Pentium-M Make SFF PCs Cool and Quiet?

Inside View: System Components

Although the EY855 is considered a SFF PC, it has everything that an average user with average needs might want. Graphics, audio and other components are built in the motherboard. These include USB 2.0 and FireWire connections, as well as 5.1 audio with optical input and output connectors. Dual network interfaces support 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet.

The only elements needed to get the EY855 up and running, once purchased, are the CPU, RAM modules and disk drives. Because the system is a SFF PC, this means you'll find room for only two 3.5" and a single 5.25" drive enclosures. If you want to add other interface cards, you'll find only two sockets for same on the motherboard: one each for AGP and PCI. This provides such modest capabilities to extend or expand functionality that the system offers.

Inside View: Power-saving Technology for the Desktop

Technical Data

Model AOpen XC Cube EY855 SuperSilent
dimensions BxHxT 200x185x320 mm
7.9" x 7.2" x 12.6"
Chipset Intel 855GME + ICH4-M
power supply Two-phase voltage stabilization
Memory 2x DDR333
CPU (Socket 479) Pentium M/Celeron M FSB400
Max. 2.1 GHz
Chipset Intel 855GME with integrated grafic
PCI-Slots 1
AGP-Slot 1 (4X)
Audio (AC97 5.1 Channel) Line-Out (L/R), Line-In (SUR), Mic-In (C/B), Front Mic-In, Front Phone-Out
S/PDIF optical in, optical out, coaxial out
LAN 10/100/1000
ATA Connector 2x ATA100
USB 2x back, 2x front, 2x onboard
IEEE1394/Firewire 1x back, 2x front (4 Pins and 6 Pins)
PS2 2x mouse and keyboard
parallel ports 1x
Serial ports (COM) 1x
Drive bays 1x 5.25"
1x 3.5"
1x 3.5" HDD bay
integrated power supply PFC 275W (24 Pin W/8CM FAN)
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