AOpen EY855: Can the Pentium-M Make SFF PCs Cool and Quiet?

AOpen XC Cube EY855, Continued

Beyond the hefty overclocking potential that the XC Cube EY855 offers, you can also coax a bit more value out of the unit's Pentium-M processor. You can save a little money, for example, by buying your own Pentium-M CPU and shopping carefully. You can also crank up the CPU speed on this puppy without raising noise levels appreciably. This comes not only thanks to the Pentium-M's modest power consumption and heat dissipation levels, but also thanks to the systems intelligent ventilation design.

Don't overlook the nifty software tool that is included either, because it's what makes overclocking the EY855 such a snap. We were able to boost performance by a full 25% without much fuss or effort. If only all desktops offered the same ease and capability!

The case is identical to that for the EY65

Rear view: All the important connections are easy to see and use
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