AOpen EY855: Can the Pentium-M Make SFF PCs Cool and Quiet?

Easy Overclocking Using Speedstep Technology

A special utility, still unnamed as we wrote this article, not only indicates system information, but also provides access to numerous settings for the CPU and FSB. These functions come out of the notebook world - as does the Pentium-M CPU - and were originally designed to extend battery life for mobile computers. But a terrific side-effect of reducing CPU clock rates is a concomitant reduction in power consumption. Of course, this also lowers heat output, which in turn means lower operating temperatures. Automatic fan speed controls respond by lowering their settings. This makes for happy ears because noise from the case also quiets down as well.

Speedstep was designed to extend battery life in notebook computers

Manual settings for CPU clock rates makes for lower power consumption in idle mode

Complete data display from the Speedstep tool on the test system
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