Apple Mac Mini: Smaller, More Stylish - and Cheaper Than a PC?

Hardware Configuration: Sufficient For Everyday Use

A look at the connections: In addition to DVI for analog and digital displays, the Mac mini also offers Firewire 400, USB 2.0, Ethernet network, modem, and audio ports. A TV-Out connector is available as a BTO option.

Wireless and optical: the trademark Apple mouse.

What we considered especially striking during our tests was the very low noise level the mini emitted during operation: much lower than that of rivaling mini-PC offerings. Once the internal cooling solution switches off, the Mac mini is virtually silent.

The hardware configuration should be sufficient for most users, be they private or business. A DVD and CD/RW burner combination (SuperDrive) using the slot-in loading mechanism is also available as a BTO option - a real rarity in the PC market.

  • tipoo
    the new mac mini is confirmed to use the Atom 333 processor on Nvidia's Ion platform...wouldn't this be a huge leap BACKWARDS in performance? please let me know if im missing something here.
  • krazyderek
    ummm dude.... 1. this article is 4 yrs old 2. the new mac mini's Q1 2009 are core 2 duo