Apple Mac Mini: Smaller, More Stylish - and Cheaper Than a PC?

Mac Mini: Tiny, Quiet, Energy Efficient, With Lasting Value

Apple is showing up the Windows world: the new Mac mini with its ultra-compact exterior

The concept is reminiscent of the Bauhaus style of the '20s - simple shape, compact exterior, and a certain coolness of design. And, above all, no frills. However, the Mac mini's minimalist appearance belies the very high level of functionality it offers.

The little cube-shaped device could just as well be an object from the higher-end HiFi world. Yet the case, which is barely larger than a 20-disc DVD holder, houses a full-fledged computer, complete with drives and modern interfaces. The insertion slot for the optical drive on the aluminum-cased front of the mini is so unobtrusive that the new user might at first not even realize its function. Upon insertion, the disc is "automagically" drawn into the case, thanks to the slot-in mechanism within the Mac. An eject button is absent, though, and Apple has also decided to forego the inclusion of a blinking status LED.

  • tipoo
    the new mac mini is confirmed to use the Atom 333 processor on Nvidia's Ion platform...wouldn't this be a huge leap BACKWARDS in performance? please let me know if im missing something here.
  • krazyderek
    ummm dude.... 1. this article is 4 yrs old 2. the new mac mini's Q1 2009 are core 2 duo