Arco's RAID-based Storage Has No Smoke and Many Mirrors

Symantec Ghost 2003

Unlike Drive image, Symantec's Ghost is primarily a tool to create backup copies or images of an entire system. While it is also available separately, it is usually found as a component of Symantec's SystemWorks utility suite.

Backups can also easily be written to a new hard drive, which is exactly what one would need to do in the case of a filed hard-drive. The easiest way of doing this, the "Clone" feature, can be found in the "Advanced" menu. This is the mode we used to test Ghost.

Symantec is especially proud of the fact that Ghost no longer requires a boot-disk, and that practically every type of medium is supported for backups. That even includes network drives, as well as media connected via USB or the parallel port. Additionally, Ghost supports a number of USB and Firewire drives.

Ghost also costs about $69,95 or €59, but offers much better value for your money when purchased as part of the SystemWorks suite.

After the program launches, the first step is selecting the desired task.

Source and destination drive are selected in a clearly arranged window.

Minor drawback: Ghost still does its copying in DOS mode. During this time, the system can't be used for anything else.

After this message, the copying process is started. Ghost took slightly longer to copy our test drive, namely 13:20.