Arco's RAID-based Storage Has No Smoke and Many Mirrors

DupliDisk3 Management Utility

Users who wish to maximize comfort and want automatic drive malfunction alerts must install the DupliDisk software. This utility offers a plethora of features, such as the choice of mirroring or striping RAID modes or what to do in case of a drive failure.

DupliDisk Vs. Windows Software RAID

The only real alternative to the DupliDisk would be the "classical" approach: taking two drives and a controller, creating an RAID-1 array and then installing Windows using the drivers for the controller. Alternatively, one could make do with a software RAID-1. Nonetheless, when data security is the primary concern, then this is the cheapest solution after the DupliDisk.

To create a mirrored RAID array, the two target drives must first be turned into "dynamic drives" in the Windows drive management console.