Asus G752VS OC Edition Gaming Laptop Review

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Price Analysis And Conclusion

The Asus G752VS OC Edition offers excellent performance in everything from gaming to creative work. In fact, it can go toe-to-toe with higher-end systems in some metrics. Still, the $2500 price tag can be a tough pill to swallow, especially considering the number of GeForce GTX 1070-equipped models available for under $2000.

Fans of the G752V who don’t necessarily need a Core i7-6820HK and 32GB of memory could also consider the toned-down G752VS, which removes the 256GB SSD and trades the Core i7-6820HK and 32GB of RAM for an i7-6700HQ and 16GB of memory, priced at $2000. Performance will take a slight hit, but the biggest downside from going this path is abandoning the SSD.

Asus sells cheaper GTX 1070 alternatives with its 15.6-inch GL502 models. Both the GL502VS-DB71 and GL502VS-DB74 offer an i7-6700HQ and GTX 1070, just as the G752VS does. The memory is clocked lower, although the DB74 model offers up to 32GB. The DB71 and DB74 also include a 256GB and 512GB SSD, respectively. If solid-state storage is a priority (and it should be), then the GL502VS models have much better value.

For fans of the G752V body, the G752VM is available with a GTX 1060, and there are also models are available with Maxwell-based GPUs. For example, at the time of writing, the G752VT can be had for just over $1500, and models with GTX 960Ms and GTX 980Ms are still available. Unfortunately, Asus doesn’t offer G752V models with GTX 1080s; to acquire a 1080-equipped Asus laptop with similar aesthetics, you would need to drop at least $4500 for Asus’ ROG G800.

The G752VS OC Edition costs $500 more than the G752VS for a faster processor, 16GB of additional memory, and a 256GB SSD. At this price point, competitors have similar systems with 512GB SSDs. Will there be a performance increase between a G752VS and an OC Edition? Evidently. Furthermore, there are systems configured similarly to the G752VS for cheaper as well. The games and applications you run will clearly dictate whether the extra cost is worth it.

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  • spacebro
    This looks like a muscle car. I want to look at one of these in person. I could use my 2016 macbook pro budget on this and have over $1000 left over. The specs on this completely wreck the 2016 macbook pro. I like how gaming laptops are starting to look more streamlined and less juvenile, almost perfect for those looking for a workstation who do not need a quadro.
  • itsmedatguy
    Spacebro I'd take a look at Sager/Clevo laptops. I've heard they've got great build quality, and they're a lot cheaper than the competition.
  • CN Shana
    These are definitely great laptops, I have last years G752-VT with a 970m, 256gb ssd, and 1tb hd, and i've been one happy customer, still have had windows 10 issues sadly..... but the laptop itself has been a smooth ride.

    I can assure you guys though, it's worth waiting a bit, you can pick up any of these laptops at around 500-800$ less in june/july, because at that point asus is already ceasing some manufacturing of them and is already working on the next batch of laptops for that years fall(2017).

    I paid 2,099$ for mine and in july it was on the website for 1599$ thats a big jump for only about 8 months of waiting.
  • lunyone
    I would love to have one of these, but the price is a bit too much for me. If the price was in the $1,600-1,800 price range it would make more sense, but with the build quality (from what I've seen) you are paying for it.
  • jongri
    I wouldn't consider buying this notebook. I'd rather wait & pay more for the
  • wifiburger
    i'm always amused at these chassis, they look stupid, looking back at an old XPS gaming system that XPS looks like a macbook compared to these current gaming notebooks
  • william_2025
    wat bout acoustics
  • SpAwNtoHell
    At the moment looks to me as the only gaming laptop with cons that you can live with...