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Out With ATX, In With Gigabyte's CB91 BTX

Our Test Setup

Two TakeMS 1 GB modules max out the motherboard's RAM.

This barebones PC comes with a case, a motherboard and a PSU. For the rest of the components, we added two SD-DDR400 DIMMs from TakeMS and a 3.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 640 with a bundled BTX cooler. A 160 GB hard disk from Hitachi met our disk storage needs. Gigabyte supplied us with separate CD and DVD optical drives for this build, as well a PCI-Express graphics card with passive BTX cooling. To make the CB91 more user-friendly, we also installed a M-Play 202 Display and a remote control from VL Sys.

A socket 775 compatible 3.2 GHz Intel CPU.

A multi-function VFD from VL Sys.

BTX fans: left: full profile model; right: low profile model.

Gigabyte's passively cooled PCIe graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT) with a special BTX-conformant heatsink, which is designed to enable optimal airflow.