Avant-Garde: Four boards for AMD's Athlon 64 FX

Table Of Features

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Internet Websitewww.asus.comwww.msi.com.twwww.gigabyte.com.twwww.asus.com
ModelSK8NK8T Master 1.x (MS-9130)GA-K8NNXP-940SK8V
BIOS Version1004 BETA 001 (10/15/2003)V1.1B6 (09/25/2003)E05 (09/10/2003) and M01 (09/10/2003)First BETA
Form Factor / Size30.5cm x 24.5 cm30.5cm x 25.4cm30.5 x 24.4cm/ATX30.5cm x 24.5 cm
CPU SupportAMD Athlon64 FX + AMD OpteronAMD Opteron / Athlon FX-51AMD Athlon FXAMD Athlon FX-51 / AMD Opteron
CPU Clock (2200/2000 MHz)2200.10 MHz (0.00%)2205.10 MHz (+0.23%)2194.60 MHz (-0.24%)2200 MHz
FSB Clock (200 MHz)200.00 MHz (0.00%)200.50 MHz (+0.23%)199.50 MHz (-0.24%)200 MHz DDR
NorthbridgeNVIDIA NForce3 Pro 150VIA K8T800nForce3 150VIA K8T800
SouthbridgeNVIDIA NForce3 Pro 150VIA VT8237nForce3 150VIA VT8237
Memory Speed(s)DDR333DDR266/333/400DDR400DDR266, DDR333, DDR400
Memory ModesDual-ChannelSingle-Channel, Dual-ChannelDual-ChannelSingle-Channel, Dual-Channel
Memory Timings2.0-3-2-62.0-3-2-62.0-3-2-62.0-3-2-6
Memory Sockets4444
Maximum RAM8 GB8 GB4 GB8 GB
ECC / Registered Memoryyes / yesYes/Yesno/yesyes / yes
System Components
Piezo PC Speakeryesnoyesno
AGP Card LockyesnoYesyes
Northbridge Fannonoyesno
FAN HeadersCPU. System, Power (3x)CPU(2X),system(1)CPU, System,power (3x)CPU, System, Power (3x)
Voltage Regulators3-Phase4-Phase3-Phase+3-Phase(DPS module)3-Phase
I/O Components
Mass Storage ControllerNVIDIA NForce3 Pro 150VIA VT8237nForce3 150VIA VT8237
Storage Ports2x UltraATA/1332x UltraATA/133, 2x SATA-1502x UltraATA/133,2x UltraATA/133, 2x SATA-150
Secondary Mass Storage ControllerPromise PDC20378noSilicon Image Sil3512 / GigaRAIDPromise PDC20378
Secondary Storage Ports2x SATA-150. 1x UltraATA/133no2x SATA-150,2x UltraATA/1332x SATA-150. 1x UltraATA/133
RAID SupportRaid Mode 0, 1, 0+1RAID 0,1RAID Mode 0, 1, 0+1Raid Mode 0, 1, 0+1
Floppy Controlleryesyesyesyes
Primary Network ControllerNVIDIA NForce3 Pro 150Broadcom BCM5705, 1000 Mbit/sRealtek 8110S (GbE)3COM Marvel 940, 1000 Mbit/s
Secondary Network ControllernonoRealtek 8201no
Parallel / Serial1 / 11/24 / 21 / 1
USB Ports (integrated / additional)4 / 22/62 / 44 / 4
FirewireTI TSB43AB22AnoTI 1394bVIA VT6307 (2 ports)
Game Portnonoyesno
IR Connectornonoyesno
Expansion Components
PCI Slots5x 32Bit PCI 2.34x 32 bit PCI 2.35x 32 Bit PCI 2.35x 32Bit PCI 2.3
PCI-X / PCI Expressnono/nono / nono
AGPAGP 3.0 (8x)AGP 3.0 (8X/Pro)AGP 3.0 (8X)AGP 3.0 (8x)
ACR / AMR / CNRnono / no / nono / no / nono
Chassis Intrusion Detectionnoyesyesno
Temperature MonitoringCPU, SystemCPU,systemCPU, System,power (3x)CPU, System
Fan MonitoringCPU, Chassis, PowerSupplyCPU,chassisCPU, Northbridge, system,powerCPU, Chassis, PowerSupply
Smart/Manual Fan Controlyesyesyesyes
Voltage MonitoringCPU, DIMM, AGPCPU,chipset,DIMM,AGPCPU, Chipset, DIMM, AGPCPU, DIMM, AGP
Power-Up on...Keyboard, LAN, ModemSchedule, Keyboard, LAN, ModemSchedule, Keyboard, LAN, ModemKeyboard, LAN, Modem
Power-Up after Power Lossyesyesyesyes
Other FeaturesBIOS LiveUpdate, PC ProbeRow 52 - Cell 2 @BIOS,Q-FlashInstantMusic, BIOS LiveUpdate, PC Probe
Row 53 - Cell 0
On-Board Audio
TypeAC97AC97AC97 w/Universal Audio JackAC97
ChipRealtek ALC 650Realtek ALC 201Realtek ALC658ADI 1980
Surround Support6 channel2 Channel6 Channel6 channel
JacketsLine-In, Line-Out, Mic, SPDIF (opt./comp.)Line-in,Line-out, MicLine-In, Line-Out, MicLine-In, Line-Out, Mic, SPDIF (opt./comp.)
ConnectorsCD-In, AUX-InCD-In, AUX-InCD-In, AUX-InCD-In, AUX-In
BIOS Details
Version / Date2003V118M01 (Sep. 12, 2003)2003
Update viaDOS, BIOS, Windows, InternetDOSDOS,BIOS (Q-Flash),Internet(@BIOS)DOS, BIOS, Windows, Internet
Special FeaturesASUS QFan control, ASUS EZFlash, ASUS MyLogo2Row 64 - Cell 2 Dual BIOSASUS QFan control, ASUS EZFlash, ASUS MyLogo2
FSB Frequency Range / Steps200-300 MHz / 1 MHz200-233/1 MHz200-300/1 MHz100 - 300 MHz / 1 MHz
Memory Frequencies200-266-300-333-400 MHz100-133-166-200200/266/333/400 MHz266 / 333 / 400 MHz
Asynchronous Memory ClockyesnoYesyes
AGP Clock66 - 75 / 1 MHzno66-100/1 MHzauto
CPU VoltageAutono0.800-1.700/0.025 Vunknown
Memory Voltage2.5-2.7/0.1V2.5-2.65/0.05V2.5-2.8/0.1 V2.5 - 2.8 / 0.1V
Chipset Voltagenono+0.1/0.2/0.3Vno
AGP Voltage1.5 - 1.7/0.1Vno1.5-1.8/0.1 V1.5 - 1.65 / 0.5 V
Additional Information
Model VariationsRow 76 - Cell 1 Row 76 - Cell 2 Bundle GC-K8DPS+GC-SATARow 76 - Cell 4
NotesASUS QFan control, ASUS EZFlash, ASUS MyLogo2Row 77 - Cell 2 Row 77 - Cell 3 ASUS Wifi slot, ASUS QFan control, ASUS EZFlash, ASUS MyLogo2
Included Motherboard ToolsBIOS Update Software, Monitoring Software, Logo SoftwareBIOS Update Software, Overclocking Utility, Monitoring Utility(Core Center Pro)EasyTune / GMC /...BIOS Update Software, Monitoring Software, Logo Software
Included SoftwarePCCillin Anti Virus 2002, InterVideo WinDVD SuitenoNorton Internet securityRow 80 - Cell 4
Cables3 UltraATA, 2 SATA. 1 Floppy2 UltraATA,2 SATA2 SATA,4PATA,1FDDPCCillin Anti Virus 2002, InterVideo WinDVD Suite
Additional Add-OnsSATA power cable1394 bracketUSB bracketSPDIF bracket (optical/composite)1 power cableRow 82 - Cell 3 3 UltraATA, 2 SATA, 1 FloppySATA power cable1394 bracketUSB bracketSPDIF bracket (optical/composite)