Bidding Adieu: P4 3.2 vs. Athlon XP 3200+

Pentium 5: New Socket 775 Combined With DDR-2

A significant change to the design of the Pentium 5 will take place in Q2 2004, when Intel will launch the Grantsdale chipset, which will provide a new CPU socket in LGA form. In addition, DDR-2 memory will be supported for the first time, which will initially work with 200 MHz (DDR400), and later on with 266 MHz (DDR533). In the Southbridge of the ICH6 type, a 4x Serial ATA controller will be integrated. At the same time, PCI Express should be integrated on all boards.

The contacts of the Pentium 5 (Prescott) for the LGA 775 platform could look like this. This processor will be available in Q2 2004.

Typical pins on a Northwood processor. Initially, the Pentium 5 (Prescott) will have the same pins.

Socket 478 is becoming extinct. The first Pentium 5s will be sold (Q4 2003) in the old structure.