Bluetooth Hi-Fi: The Headphones Of The Future?

A Closer Look

Now let's get to the headset itself. The basic i-Phono Headset package comes with the headphones, an audio dongle, an AC adapter, a 1-to-2 adapter connector - for easy simultaneous charging of the dongle and the headphones - a USB charging cable, 4 sets of color plates, and a manual.

The LED on the dongle flashes blue when paired with the headset.

The dongle features an LED status indicator, a pairing button, a power switch, a power jack, and the audio-in jack. The batteries in both the dongle and the headphones usually last around six hours.

Save the power switch, all controls are on the right earpiece.

On the headphones there is a volume +/- button, a pairing/talk button, a power switch, a charging LED indicator, a status LED indicator, a small female DC port, and a fold-away boom microphone. Each button or switch has a unique raised pattern that, with only a little practice, will let you easily operate the headphones while wearing them.

All of this sounds like a lot to fit into a pair of headphones, and it is. These definitely aren't the small headphones they hand out on airplanes, and they aren't meant to be a replacement for your $300 enthusiast cans either. They are aimed at the active MP3 player owners that seem to be growing in numbers daily.