Bluetooth Hi-Fi: The Headphones Of The Future?

Feeling Blue About The Future

Bluetooth doesn't seem to be going away, especially with Wireless USB still experiencing certification problems. More and more phones are equipped with the technology, and the number of other devices using the wireless standard is growing as well.

In fact, one of the best uses I found for the i-Phono came when I paired it with Bluetake's very own Hi-Phono BT460EX Audio Station . While our review of the Audio Station mentioned that the slight signal delay didn't make them ideal for use with surround sound movies, they worked great when connected to the headphones because they also use the advanced audio distribution profile (AD2P). I was able to hook the sleek-looking device up to my receiver, listen through my speakers until others in the house complaining started about the sound level, and then easily switch to the headphones.

The i-Phono and Hi-Phono work great together.


Even if you love the features of the i-Phono and can overlook its weaknesses, the price tag might still elicit a gasp. I couldn't find it anywhere online for less than $195. It's a price that unfortunately does put the unit up in the range of noise-canceling and surround sound headphones. But those can't be connected to your MP3 player, computer, stereo or cell phone twenty feet away. For this reviewer that is an advantage that helps a lot with price-induced lump in the throat.

So, if you are looking for the headphones of the future - and don't mind looking like you're already in the future yourself - the functionality and sound quality of Bluetake's i-Phono make it a good choice.