Serious Burn: Copying CDs In Just 3 Minutes

Writing to a blank 700 MB CD.

Not every blank CD can handle 24x speed: slowing and defective blanks in interplay with the TDK CDRW 241040X.

The latest version of NERO Burning ROM 5.5.

We would like to touch briefly on the subject of burner software. Current software should always be able to handle disc-at-once mode (DAO), since there are no longer any problems with this in the hardware. All burners work optionally in tack-at-once (TAO) and DAO mode. Additional functions, such as CD text, have only recently begun to be supported by burners and their corresponding software. Clone CD proved to be the best CD-copying software in our tests. This program, only 2.5 MB, can copy almost all game and application CDs. The software can also write data without correction, which is the feature behind the important term "subchannel". The program NERO Burning ROM, version 5.5 of which is included with most of the burners in this comparison, is well-suited for creating personal and audio CDs . NERO also offers various features to turn off automatic error correction algorithms.

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    Nero 10 is the latest and leading CD and DVD burning software includes video editing software, HD Playback, and backup software.