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ModelYamaha CRW 2200ETDK CDRW241040XYamaha CRW 2100EAopen CRW 1232A
Revision (Bios)1.0c6.341.0g1.01
Price469 Mark599 Mark299 Mark229 Mark
Supported Features (Tested)
Automatic Write Speed calibrationyesyesyesno
CD+G RAW-DAOyesyesyesyes
Write CD-RWyesyesyesyes
Write CD-Textyesyesyesyes
Write subchannel datayesyesyesyes
Write multisessionyesyesyesyes
Burn Proof (Buffer underrun protection)yesyesnoyes
Writing-/CD-RW-/Reading speed20x/10x/40x24x/10x/40x16x/10x/40x12x/10x/32x
Write Cache8192 kB2048 kB8192 kB2048 kB
Writing Speed1x/2x/4x/8x/12x/16x/20x1x/2x/4x/8x/12x/16x/20x/24x1x/2x/4x/8x/12x/16x2x/4x/8x/12x
Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) Speed Test
Xing Audio Grabbermax. 6000 kB/s (40x)max. 3000 kB/s (20x)max. 6000 kB/s (40x)max. 4800 kB/s (32x)
Seek Time Test
Random seek131 ms128 ms125 ms125 ms
1/3 seek163 ms140 ms161 ms148 ms
Full seek233 ms258 ms238 ms217 ms
Transfer Speed Tests
Average speed3895 kB/s (25,97x)4366 kB/s (29,11x)3661 kB/s (24,41x)3537 kB/s (23,58x)
Start speed2505 kB/s (16,7x)2569 kB/s (17,13x)2475 kB/s (16,5x)2155 kB/s (14,37x)
End speed3381 kB/s (22,54x)5772 kB/s (38,48x)3327 kB/s (22,18x)3013 kB/s (20,09x)
Spin up time (seconds)4,12 s1,55 s4,0 s2,46 s
Spin down time (seconds)3,51 s4,71 s4,08 s3,9 s
Disc eject test (seconds)1,7 s3,31 s1,65 s1,55 s
Disc load test (seconds)1,94 s10,75 s1,75 s5,95 s
Disc recognition time (seconds)6,02 s0,88 s6,27 s0,01 s
Error correctionmiddlevery goodmiddlegood
Burning Speed Tests
Overburn test (705 MB CD image) time5:05 minutes4:08 minutes5:51 minutes7:14 minutes
Copy CD-ROM (506 MB) time3:20 minutes2:51 minutes4:07 minutes5:02 minutes
Burning 650 MByesyesyesyes
Burning 700 MByesyesyesyes
Burning Audio CD (80 min)yesyesyesyes
Row 39 - Cell 0 switches to 8x speed with many recordablesRow 39 - Cell 2 Row 39 - Cell 3 Row 39 - Cell 4

Summary: TDK For Speed-Mongers, Aopen For Bean-Counters

This test of four high-speed burners clearly shows that the TDK, with its maximum burn speed of 24x, is definitely the favorite when it comes to speed and short burn times. In just 3 minutes, a complete CD-ROM can be written - none of the other test subjects can do this. However, the write cache that comes with the device shows deficiencies: 2 MB are decidedly too scant for a burner in this speed class. But with maximum use of the available resources (24x) it has a sustained data flow of 3.6 MB per second. The cache is thus emptied in less than one second.

Those who place less importance on burn speed and are looking for a good all-around burner should go for the AOpen CRW 1232A. It combines short access times with very good error correction. However, it makes less points for the features offered: There is no laser calibration and no burn-proofing function. But on the other hand, the burner can be had for $ 85.

Both Yamaha writers offer by and large equally useful features - but regarding error correction, they are less attractive. The CRW 2200E shows anomalies when writing to certain CD-Rs: In operation, the device shifts down from a 20x to an 8x burn speed.

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