Serious Burn: Copying CDs In Just 3 Minutes

Clone CD with the subchannel function copies almost all protected game and application CDs.

Burning 90-minute blank CDs with NERO Burning ROM 5.5.

NERO 5.5 can also handle extra-long CD-Rs, provided that the connected burner supports this function. It is also possible to edit the length of pauses on audio CDs. Audio CDs can be burned right from MP3 format in real time without being converted beforehand. CDR Win 4.0 is and has always been a very good program. The main advantage of this software is in the exceptionally low CPU load during the burn process.

NERO Burning ROM 5.5 with the burn-proofing function activated.

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    Nero 10 is the latest and leading CD and DVD burning software includes video editing software, HD Playback, and backup software.