Serious Burn: Copying CDs In Just 3 Minutes

Overburning CD-Rs: The Software Makes It Happen

Currently, blank CDs are available on the market with a capacity of up to 990 MB. Standard CDs with the CD-R 74 format have a capacity of 650 MB. On the other hand, CD-R 80 media can store a maximum of 700 MB. Both media formats can be processed by all CD burners. It is a different situation with blank CD-R 90 and CD-R 99 discs: They hold a maximum of 800 and 900 MB respectively, or 90 minutes of music and 99 minutes of audio data respectively. Whether a burner can write to CD-R 90 and CD-R 99 media depends entirely on the positioning electronics of the CD burner. The CDR Win 4.0A software that we used along with others for our tests is capable of producing 90-minute audio CDs. NERO Burning ROM 5.5 also offers this feature as an option. However, media written in this way can only be read in the same drive. As a rule, standard CD-ROM drives cannot recognise special formats.

Special blank CD for a maximum 24x burn speed.

Standard blank CD for up to 12x burn speed.

Bypassing Copy Protection - But How?

Data read erroneously should not be corrected either by the burner or the software and should be rewritten without an error algorithm. These functions are supported by Clone CD, Win On CD 3.8 and CDR Win 4.0A. Original CDs with what is known as a laser lock need an additional special patch so that they can run after they are copied, as the laser indentations are read at unspecified intervals by the program.

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