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Yamaha CRW 2200E: Problems With Blank CDs

The Yamaha 2200E costs $ 179 and reaches a maximum write speed of 20x. Other data: 20x/10x/40x.

Yamaha 2200E package.

Yamaha's top model is the CRW 2200E, a burner that writes to CD-Rs at a maximum speed of 20x. A comparison with the smaller CRW 2100E shows the following differences: the CRW 2200E is equipped with the burn-proofing function, which prevents the blank CD from being destroyed in the event of a crash. In the test, it read audio CDs at maximum speed (40x, about 6,000 kB/s), indicating that the manufacturer did not build in any limitations imposed by the hardware. Problems arose in the CRW 2200E when used with various blank CDs. The Yamaha 2200E did not process the five different types of blank CDs in an optimum manner. Very often, the burner shifted down during the burn process from 20x to 8x burn speed. And that despite the fact that we used only blank CDs that were particularly specified for such high burn speeds. Even at a reduced speed of 16x or 12x the device shifted down to 8x speed. We were not able to determine a precise cause for this problem. Otherwise, the Yamaha CRW 2200E supported all functions needed in duplicating CD-ROMs. The test with both of our CD-RW media produced curious results: they were inscribed at a maximum speed of 10x.

The CRW 2100E, available for just over $ 100, showing no signs of problems, is preferable to the CRW 2200E priced at $ 179. What remains is the error correction function, which is far from flawless and found in both of the Yamaha models.

Flawed error correction: the data transfer rate slows in the outer range of the test CD.

Optional accessory: an ASCSI/IDE adapter.

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