Consumer Electronics Show 2007

Consumer Electronics Show 2007

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January 11, 2007

HD DVD versus Blu-ray - The porn industry says HD DVD
The $100 laptop in detail - Slideshow
Microsoft says Crysis will be Vista's Halo

January 10, 2007

Need to port VHS to DVD or casettes to MP3?
Hands on with Vista: An OS X clone or the best Windows yet?
Your cellphone can re-route you around traffic jams
TI Has Its Cake and Eats It With DLP and LED Displays
The Unusual Stuff
TI Introduces Slim LED-Backlit DLP RPTV With 100,000:1 Contrast Ratio

January 9, 2007

Warner announces HD DVD - Blu-ray combo disc
The Edge handheld - Not so true wireless Internet
Belkin connects one DVI monitor to two computers
Harman Kardon announces GPS/PMP combo
TomTom to offer portable GPS device to the automotive industry
Dell wants more internet bandwidth
Dell goes Green, introduces optional plant a tree purchase option
Dell intros 3.2 GHz quad-core enthusiast PC
Microsoft and Ford promise to sync your life
CarMD finds the problem, then tells you what parts and labor should cost
Aliph's Jawbone headset and Noise Shield sound too good to be true
iRecord - Just another frivolous iPod add-on or a valuable accessory?
Ritek showcasing writable HD DVD, Blu-ray discs
Sony shows OLED TV prototypes
Toshiba offering four embedded NAND flash solutions
Eat This, Quad FX: Here's An 8-core Desktop!
Shuttle Goes Big With a Tower Computer - Slide Show
Westinghouse Shows Off The Quad HDTV

January 8, 2007

Roadmaster shows programmable license plate frame
Playstation 3 hard to find on CES show floor
DirecTV to offer 100+ HD channels by the end of the year
Windows Vista gets an updated fingerprint reader
Microsoft intros fancy gaming keyboard
Microsoft, Broadcom aim to lower cost of HD DVD players
VoodooPC introduces new Envy gaming notebook
iRobot unveils programmable robot
Motorola aims to raise the level of personalization for mobile devices
Motorola, Sprint-Nextel to bring Wimax to Chicago
Intel rolls out new quad-core processor Core 2 Quad Q6600
MSN pairs up with Garmin to offer local data on GPS devices
Yahoo launches Go for Mobile 2.0 on Motorola RAZR's
Lensbabies bend SLR lenses
EA Mobile comes of age, Tetris still addictive
Making use of those cool new cell phone features: ShoZu
Hitachi touts HDD/DVD hybrid camcorder and a $2500 50" LCD
Webaroo promises free offline browsing
Asus demoing UWB HDMI connection system
D-Link puts draft 11n in new networked media player
First horseman of apocalypse in Las Vegas
Ruckus Wireless intros 'Video-Grade' USB wireless adapter
OQO releases model 02 UMPC
HD DVD slams Blu-ray, talks innovation
Netgear and BitTorrent team up on high-definition content delivery
PC users not hungry for terabyte drives
ViewSonic highlights widescreen LCD monitors and iPod front projector
Microsoft to showcase remote-controlled USB handsets and UMPCs
You let me down, Bill - keynote analysis
Bill Gates Unleashes Windows Home Server
AMD unleashes second generation of Live! platform
Sony plans next Blu-ray attack at HD DVD
Sony hits one million shipped PS3s, hints at new features
AOL Video to run on Sony's TVs

January 7, 2007

Palm launches Treo 750 smartphone
Samsung launches UMPC with flash hard drive
JVC first to offer HD HDD videocam
Battle of the 108"ers
Philips AmBX to bring light, wind and good vibrations to gamers
Philips goes ambi-extreme
LG puts "aggressive" sticker on 71" plasma TV
VoodooPC to show off AMD's Quad FX with 18 ft. screens
Toshiba to offer 1080p HD DVD player for $600
Keep the bad guys away with full disk encryption
Netgear refreshes Zetera-based NAS
New HD media player from Netgear
Netgear intros standalone Skype / PSTN DECT phone
LG to roll out dual-format Blu-ray/HD DVD player in Q1
LG jumps into iPod accessory land with ultra-cool deck
Nobint Falcon showcases 3D touch device - think a mouse, only better
Even Duracell is in the iPod accessory market now
A full keyboard for a normal sized phone
Shure tries to be more consumer friendly with sane-priced quality earphones
3D gaming, surround sound, and waterproof accessories
Linksys gets into the consumer NAS game
Slideshow: Terabyte, hybrid HDD and beyond
Want wireless Internet access at CES? Then pay $400
Growing pains at the Consumer Electronics Show
First live demo of mobile Wimax

January 6, 2007

LG more serious about 1080p
MSI rings in second wave of AMD Live! entertainment PCs
MSI to release second notebook with crystal inlays
The battle for the digital home - analyst opinion

January 5, 2007

A preview of what you can expect to see on the showfloor
Toshiba to ship HD DVD writer in February
Hitachi announces 1 TB hard drive
Corel updates DVD Copy 5 with iPod, Vista support
Proton to introduce two more full HDTVs
BenQ to debut new DLP projectors
Lacie announces $1150 Blu-ray burner

January 4, 2007

Sandisk surprises with Flash hard drive announcement
Hybrid hard drives promoted through industry alliance
Logitech integrates computer speakers with iPod dock
LG to unveil combo Blu-ray - HD DVD player
MSI to showcase AMD Live! systems
Samsung develops double-sided LCD
A floating iPod sound system for your swimming pool
Toshiba to show fuel cell-powered MP3 player
Toshiba to debut external USB hard drive

January 3, 2007

XM to go beyond radio with weather, video
MSI to showcase medical notebook
Lexar upgrades Jumpdrives for Windows Vista
Westinghouse to show Quad HDTV

January 2, 2007

Patriot to demonstrate 1302 MHz memory modules
Fujitsu to demo H.264 IC for HD recording
Showtime to launch video download service for Windows Vista
Autonet announces Internet access for cars
Vutec to show off Tri-Plex screen


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