CES 2007: LG to unveil combo Blu-ray - HD DVD player

Pre CES 2007 coverage - San Diego (CA) - Bringing out what many tepid consumers have been looking for in the next-generation DVD war, LG Electronics has announced that it is working on a device that will play both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs.

The model will be on display at LG's booth during CES 2007, which begins next Monday. The player will be released in the US in "early 2007", says LG.

The Sony-led Blu-ray technology and Toshiba-fronted HD DVD are competing for next generation dominance, so until now there has been little acceptance among manufacturers or content providers to support both, with several big-name companies holding a personal stake in one of the formats.

A firm release date and price for the combo unit is expected to be announced during next week's CES.