Changing Of The Guard: Four Athlon Motherboards For DDR400


Board Revision: 1.0

BIOS Version: 1.1

In contrast to the three other manufacturers, QDI reduces features to the essentials. The KuDoZ 7X is equipped with sound and network controllers (both from VIA) that are part of the standard features today. On the board, there are six PCI slots, a CNR slot, three DIMM sockets and two fan headers. There is no FireWire controller on the board, and instead there are six USB ports. Four of these can be used only via the adapter cable (included) threaded through a slot bracket.

A number of system-related features are categorized as "QDI Innovation Features." For example, you can set the system start quickly (without BIOS messages), set BIOS to be write-protected and specify which function keys take you to the BIOS update feature.