Are Cheap DVD Burners Worth the Trouble?

Sony/NEC AD-7170S

Optiarc represents Sony and NEC's optical drives alliance. The AD-7170S is a modern drive that supports the latest read and write speeds for all sorts of DVD and CD media, although LightScribe is not supported.

DVD-R and DVD+R writing is supported at a maximum of 18X speeds. DVD+R double-layer can be written at 8X speeds and the DVD-R DL at 6X speeds. The same applies for rewriteable discs for the two DVD standards. This drive comes with a Serial ATA interface, which makes it very simple to install; simply plug it in and you're done.

The Sony/NEC AD-7170S was quick, and ripped our 7.52 GB video DVD in only 11 minutes and 13 seconds. Only Pioneer's DVR-112 was faster. The DVD-creation time was quick as well, but the drive isn't the fastest in loading and recognizing a newly inserted DVD. However, it was very fast at importing digital audio.