Color Laser Printers at Bargain Prices

Printing Speed

The claimed 24 ppm speed for black and 6 ppm for color met expectations. Printing times were fairly good for large files, with only the time for printing the first page slightly higher than the average for the category. We should also point out that at the maximum resolution (1200 dpi), the printing time for our test bitmap was the only one out of the six models tested that topped one minute.

Print Quality

While quality was fine in text mode, we were a little disappointed by the CLP-510's color rendering. Tints were too light and lacked depth. Nuances of white and yellow were poorly rendered.

Cost Per Page

The CLP-510's high-capacity cartridges have the longest autonomy, rated at 7,000 pages in black and 5,000 pages in color. As a result, even though the cartridges are significantly more expensive than those of competitors, the cost per page was the best, even if the difference from other printers was fairly slight.


Aimed less at quality than at adaptability and speed, the Samsung CLP-510 will be a good choice for users who want to duplex-print small newsletters or brochures. Next to its 250-page paper loader is a manual tray with a capacity of 150 sheets for heavyweight papers that accepts all types of papers.

  • chrisbak
    Your image (laser2.gif) is an excellent animation of an LED printhead in action. Can I use it in some material I am putting together for Xerox, or is there a copyright on it.

    Christine Baker