COMDEX/Fall '99 - Motherboard Manufacturers


I had a really limited time with Delta electronics but I did manage to find out about their two i820 based boards and their stance on Athlon support. The i820 boards are the M82II-X and the MD82-X which have slightly different features. The M82II-X will have support for 2 RIMM/2 DIMM slots and 5 PCI slots. The MD82-X will however differ in each of those features by having only RIMM support (2 sockets) and 4 PCI slots. Once I switched topics to the Athlon, I was told that an engineering sample was made but there are currently no plans to make products at this time. I was told that it will consider it once it feels the market is safe enough for it to enter. I guess Delta will wait until it is so far behind in the race to sell Athlon motherboards that it will no longer be able to jump in. We will have to wait and see.


After talking a bit with DFI, I learned that there are no Athlon boards being announced at this time but that they did have an i820 based board being released at Comdex. The PC64 is an i820 motherboard with 2 RIMM slots, 1AGP slot, 5 PCI slots, 1 AMR slot and on-board Aureal sound in an ATX form factor. There are really no other special features about the board besides the quality workmanship expected from DFI. Regrettably there were no other products released for me to talk about.