Computex: AMD Releases 760MP Chipset For Dual AthlonMP

Windows 2000 Results - 3D Studio Max R3

I am aware of the fact that 3D Studio Max R4 is already available, but we were unfortunately not able to get this software early enough to include it in our tests. R3 will do just as well. This time we rendered the complex 3D-scene displayed above. It took many minutes until it was completed.

This is the chart for the render time. Please note that less is better in this one! It is obvious that 3D rendering is still ruled by the powerful FPU of AMD processors. Dual AthlonMP is the clear winner, while you have to wait almost 4 minutes longer until dual Xeon 4 1.7 GHz finishes rendering the same scene.

This chart shows pretty much the same, but is for people who don't understand that a shorter bar can sometimes mean a better result. Once again, you can see that dual AthlonMP leads with a little edge over dual Athlon. Intel's Pentium 4 / Xeon 4 gang is not able to compete against any of the AMD-scores.