Computex: AMD Releases 760MP Chipset For Dual AthlonMP

Windows 98 Benchmarks [Updated]

I am supplying these benchmarks only to show you the performance difference between the Thunderbird and the Palomino core, since Windows 98 is not able to take advantage of dual processor operation. It's just to give you an idea how the future single-CPU Palomino will perform in comparison to the current Athlon with Thunderbird-core.

Windows 98 Results - Sysmark2001

Before you look at the numbers, I would like to mention that I am extremely disappointed with BAPCo's new Sysmark in terms of its consistency. Especially under Windows98 you get results that vary in a range of up to 8%. Even under Windows2000 the variance is too high to e.g. use it for motherboard testing. This is why you have to take those results with a grain of salt even though we repeated each Sysmark2001 run (which takes about an hour) at least three times. As much as I like the benchmark for its SMP-capability as much I dismiss it for its inconsistent results.

I think we did enough test runs of Sysmark2001 under Windows98 to ensure that Palomino is indeed scoring those 3 points higher than Thunderbird, which is not really that much though.

In the internet content creation part of Sysmark2001, the difference between Thunderbird and Palomino is a bit larger, which is due to the fact that this component of Sysmark2001 scales more than the office productivity section.

The office productivity section of Sysmark2001 doesn't scale very well and so there's barely any noticeable difference between Thunderbird and Palomino.