Computex: AMD Releases 760MP Chipset For Dual AthlonMP

Windows 2000 Results - Sysmark 2001

The new Sysmark2001 is finally able to show benefits from SMP-systems, because it runs several applications simultaneously, even though the majority of applications are not designed for SMP-operation.

Dual Xeon 4 1.7 GHz is clearly leading the pack, but we should not forget that dual AthlonMP has a hefty 500 MHz processor clock disadvantage. Still you can see that AthlonMP as well as dual AthlonMP is performing better than Athlon/dual Athlon.

The internet content creation part of Sysmark2001 is clearly ruled by Pentium 4 and Xeon 4 1.7 GHz, but you can see a major performance increase of the Athlon systems once you switch from single to dual processor operation.

In office productivity Xeon 4 1.7 GHz is scoring surprisingly well, but you can see that office software doesn't benefit much from dual-processor systems, even if you run several programs at the same time.