Computex 2007: Motherboard Mania


The traffic during Computex is usually horrible. The 15-minute ride from our hotel to the show took us approximately 45 minutes this morning. Clearly, this area has a bandwidth issue, to speak in IT terms...

Since we are lucky enough to be able to visit Computex with as many as five people from Tom's Hardware Italy, Taiwan and the United States, we decided to split our main coverage into three parts.

If you haven't checked out our Day 0 coverage of Computex 2007 we recommend this lecture as well. We tried Taiwan's new HSR High Speed Rail, walked the show floors when workers were still populating the booths, and also found some goodies that were not supposed to be seen a day before the show starts: such as MSI's dual-GPU Radeon HX 2600 card and the external PCI Express graphics box Geminium.

Turbo Memory For PCI Express

At the MSI and Foxconn booths we found two demos, which included a PCI Express card that holds 1 GB of NAND Flash memory to support the Windows Vista ReadyBoost and SuperFetch features. The card is as small as a network adapter, and requires a PCI Express x1 slot. Windows Vista will store system data as well as application data into the non-volatile Flash memory, which is expected to result in quicker Vista boot times and reduced application launch times. Both demos crashed, by the way...