Cooler Master V1300 Platinum Power Supply Review: Plenty of Juice

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Bottom Line

The Cooler Master V1300 offers huge power levels, tons of connectors and is highly resilient undrt tough operating conditions (e.g. high operating temperatures). Moreover, it is one of the quietest PSUs with >1200W max power, so it will be ideal for users wanting to build powerful, yet silent, systems. The build quality is also top-notch since Delta Electronics, the original manufacturer of all new V units, is well known for its high quality manufacturing lines.

However, the V1300 is based on an aged platform which needs upgrades to match up to more contemporary designs. The overall performance is 5-7% lower than other high-end PSUs which might have 100W less, but also come with notably lower price tags. Delta remains one of the largest PSU manufacturers but it hasn't released, for quite some time now, a desktop platform since it abandoned this market when its cooperation with Antec ended. The platform of the V1300 is exactly the same with the one used by the Antec HCP-1300,  which was released almost five years ago.

The V1300 is a solid power supply which most likely will outlive the extra-long warranty, ten-year warranty, even under less-than optimal operating conditions. With a little lower price I could forget the bad transient response at 3.3V, since this rail is only lightly used nowadays and the modest overall performance and efficiency levels (compared to other high-end units with >1kW max power). I know that dropping the price lower is hard, since Delta uses quality and expensive parts in this product and on top of that, this OEM is not known for its affordable prices but for its attention to detail and the excellent quality control. This platform clearly needs a revamp though, to fight efficiently with modern ones that dominate the market nowadays, from Seasonic, Super Flower and CWT. With 200-250 bucks there are excellent 1200W units (e.g. Corsair HX1200 and HX1200i, EVGA 1200 P2 offering higher performance, so if you don't need those additional 100W it is hard to suggest the V1300, although it is built like a tank.

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