Intel Core i5-750S: Since When Does The S Mean Slow?

Benchmark Results: Applications

Checking for viruses using AVG requires only slightly more time on the Core i5-750S. However, this program does not take significant advantage of multi-core processors.

3ds Max taxes all available cores, and since four cores run at 2.4 GHz on the Core i5-750S versus 2.80 GHz on the regular Core i5-750 we see quite a difference in effective performance.

Creating a PDF document out of a 115-page PowerPoint presentation takes a bit more time on the Core i5-750S.

Photoshop also shows quite a negative impact on the Core i5-750S.

WinRAR is well-optimized for multiple cores, so the difference is smaller.

WinZip only takes advantage of a single processing core and hence we saw almost identical results on the Core i5-750S and the regular Core i5-750 version.

Fritz 11 chess wants as many cores and as much clock speed as it can get. As a result, the difference is rather significant.