CyberPower and Falcon Northwest Go Quad SLI

Falcon Northwest Mach V

The Mach V comes in a trademark Silverstone case with an exquisite solid color paint job with a custom Falcon Northwest logo head on both sides of the case. The front tab at the bottom front door of the case reveals a set of four USB 2.0 ports and audio jacks. A bottom front door gives access to a filter for a 120 mm intake fan. The upper front door conceals the drive bays and sports a unique lit falcon's head light box.

Falcon's telephone customer service and support is knowledgeable and has always been pleasant to speak on the phone with. When you first make the call into Falcon you can expect something that not many companies still employ: a live person who answers the phone without the maze of voice directories or "press # for more options." You get a human being every time you call and throughout your stay on the telephone with them. Falcon will let you configure a system on its Website but insists on talking to consumers before a final decision is made. The logic comes from making the customer feel at ease when making a $6,500 investment in a PC.

Falcon Northwest has a warranty unlike any other in the industry. For the first year, if the system needs to come back to the workshop, Falcon will ship the system overnight in both directions. During years two and three, they will ship it back overnight to the customer. In some instances, it has only taken a few days between the time when the customer sent the system and it came back repaired. Some cases are tougher than others and could take longer, but when the problem is solved, it will be back the next day.