CyberPower and Falcon Northwest Go Quad SLI


Both systems would be the dream of any gamer. Which is better ? If your wallet is wider, the Mach V by Falcon Northwest will provide you something of a showpiece with the best piece of mind that a company can put behind its work. For an entire year the owner does not have to worry, as Falcon will take it back if necessary overnight and get it back to you overnight as soon as the issue is resolved. But that is the worst case scenario.

On the other side of the coin, we have the less expensive system. It will fit into any décor, as the silver case and lights from the blue LED fans give it some highlights. Although it did not win the tests, it was nowhere out of the race. The major difference was a stock CPU versus an overclocked one.

Falcon Northwest can make systems that fit your budget as the PCs we receive have all of the bells and whistles. That being said, CyberPower can put together a nice system for you too. CyberPower has a lot of other cases and configurations for you if you do not like what you saw in the review. That is the great thing about a provider such as CyberPower : you can customize your system with almost any part available on the market.

Falcon approaches it by asking "what do you want ?" A boutique system builder with the knowledge and experience like Falcon Northwest can build whatever you want. You want a custom build on everything... sure. Every person out there looking for a system can get exactly what he or she wants or can afford.

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