CyberPower and Falcon Northwest Go Quad SLI

CyberPower PC Ultimate SLI Quad

CyberPower PC is a Baldwin Park, Calif.-based company that was founded on two principles : to give its customers "personalized cutting edge technology at wholesale prices" and to back those customers with "extensive" customer support. CyberPower likes to bring the cutting edge to consumers who seek the best at an inexpensive price. What separates the CyberPower system from many others is their pricing. While the system they sent us, the Ultimate SLI Quad, is at the top end of the price range for many, it is not out of reach for some.

The Ultimate SLI Quad is built with best-in-class components that any enthusiast could get from their favorite parts supplier. However, people who buy systems from companies like Cyberpower either lack the knowledge or the time to build their own system. Catering to this clientele with CyberPower’s credo translates into a system that should offer solid performance for a reasonable price that the average gamer can stomach.

Cyberpower does a ’burn-in’ on each system, where they run it for at least 24 hours continuously, making sure everything functions properly. They then record a full diagnostic report. If the system reaches the customer DOA (dead on arrival) then the customer can call and return the system for a "complete refund, or replacement with a new product." Hopefully, this does not happen, but we have had systems from various manufacturers arrive like this, and it seems that the shipping industry is getting worse - although the system builders are taking more steps to protect their systems.

Seven days after delivery, CyberPower offers a full refund if the customer is not satisfied. From 30 to 45 days they offer a refund but with a 15% restocking fee. This makes sense as parts can drop in price, and they miss out on the higher sales price that is in a returning person’s system. Beyond these periods, CyberPower offers a three- year warranty that begins from the date of the invoice and covers the core of the system (motherboard, hard drive, CPU, RAM, video card and LCD monitor). CyberPower offers 24/7 telephone support and even has cross-shipping with a credit card in the event of hardware failure. This means that they will ship out the replacement part before they receive the malfunctioning part, so the customer can get his or her system back up and running in the shortest possible time.