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Data Transfer on the Run: High-Speed USB Flash Drives

Corsair Flash Voyager

We received two versions of the Flash Voyager, one with 1 GB, the other with 2 GB of storage capacity. The two devices look so much alike that we had to examine the USB connectors on each one closely to tell them apart -that’s where the vendor engraves the drive’s capacity.

One of the items included along with the Flash Voyager is a blue carrying strap, designed to attach to the Flash drive itself. Too many Flash drives feature carrying straps like this one that fasten themselves to the USB connector cover ; this, unfortunately, allows the working parts get lost. You’ll also find included with the device a carrying case for the Flash Voyager, and a USB extension cable as well. This latter item saves users from having to crawl under their desks to plug the drive into the back of their computer cases each time they want to use it.

There’s good news to report from the benchmark front. Both models support transfer rates of up to 14 MB/sec when writing data, and over 19 MB/sec when reading data. These results put the Corsair Flash drives among the faster devices of this type.

Voyager plies the market with big promises : a 10-year warranty, high storage capacity, and high performance lead the company’s product claims.

The Flash Voyager’s rubber covering protects it from bumps and bruises ; the company also claims it’s waterproof.

Because all Flash Voyagers look alike, the capacity rating is engraved onto the USB-connector to permit them to be identified.