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Data Transfer on the Run: High-Speed USB Flash Drives

In.Coder PJ-28 2.2 GB Mini Hard Drive

The In.Coder PJ-28 Mini Hard Drive doesn't quite fit into the rest of devices compared in this review. Its 2.2 GB capacity is bigger than the others, and the device is as well due to its 1" hard disk, which is physically larger than a typical Flash memory chip package. But at just 0.3" (8 mm) thick, the In.Coder PJ-28 Mini Hard Drive is as slim as these other products, and fits equally well into a shirt or pants pocket.

Since the device is built around a 2.2 GB 1" hard disk, its data transfer rates are predictably slower than the other devices using faster Flash memory chips. With a maximum speed of 6.4 MB/sec, this mini drive can't compete on performance, but remains usable for many purposes. Of course, the In.Coder also costs less than most high-speed Flash drives, which is a big part of the value equation.

The In.Coder ships with a small carrying case for the device, as well as a USB cable to attach the drive to your computer. But it's somewhat annoying that the cable is required, because it's the only way to connect the device (unlike the other devices reviewed here, the In.Coder PJ-28 itself lacks a USB connector).