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Data Transfer on the Run: High-Speed USB Flash Drives

Memina Pocket Rocket 1 GB

The Pocket Rocket was the first device to arrive for testing. Results showed data transfer rates of 19 MB/sec for reading and nearly 17 MB/sec for writing, making it the first Flash drive we've ever tested to approach the 20 MB/sec mark. Average access times are also pretty low, helping the Pocket Rocket make its case for high performance without too much difficulty. Unlike its competitors, this device uses an attached protective guard for the USB connector, rather than a removable cap. This offers the advantage of making it impossible to lose either the device cover (bad enough) or the device itself (much worse).

The USB Docking Station included with the Pocket Rocket is a nice addition. It consists of a USB extension cable that permits easy insertion of the flash drive (or other USB devices) on your desktop. This eliminates the bothersome job of finding an open USB port on your PC - especially if it is under your desk.