The DDR2 Joker Upgrades GeForce 6600


The card has a low price point, and accordingly, it does not come with a lot of accessories. The package includes two DVI-to-VGA adapters, which we thought was odd since the card only has one DVI output. There is also a S-Video cable for input (capture) or output. There are two manuals included - a user's manual, and one with step-by-step instructions on installing the card.



A full version copy of Far Cry is included in the box. The driver CD also includes four addition version games: Armored Fist 3, F-22 Lightning 3, Delta Force: Land Warrior, and F-16: Multirole Fighter.

Tenomichi's 3D Edit

Tenomichi's 3D Edit Silver V3 is included with the 6600. The software uses a 3D interface, and enables users to edit video and add shader effects in real time, such as fire and other shader model 2.0 and 3.0 effects.


The CD contained drivers up to release 75 with 77.74, 77.72, and 76.45.

Firmware Flash

XFX includes a copy of NVFlash so users can update their firmware as new updates are available.


XFX also includes a copy of Coolbits, so users can add the registry tweak to their systems and unlock the overclocking page in the driver. (We will get to the overclocking abilities later in the review).