Three-Way 23" LED LCD Roundup: Dell, HP, And Samsung

23" LED LCD Roundup: Dell, HP, And Samsung

Tom's Hardware LCD Reboot

It has been five long years since our last monitor roundup (19" LCD Monitors: The Spring 2006 Collection). Since we don't cover the cost of a monitor in our quarterly System Builder Marathon, we know that the lack of LCD coverage has been frustrating for those building completely new systems. Generally, we assume you're trashing your old system for parts, but keeping your existing monitor, keyboard, mouse, and operating system. Obviously, this isn't always the case, and we haven't forgotten that fact.

While the days of bulky CRT technology are over, the expense of a monitor really hasn't changed. The cost of an LCD can still break your next PC's budget. Researching monitor purchases is hard enough without having reliable information, and that's why your review requests for haven't fallen on deaf ears.

We are relaunching our LCD coverage with three 23" displays, all of which we pulled off the shelves at Best Buy. Reviews will continue to be presented as roundups, because they allow you to more easily make comparisons. However, our benchmarking process has changed dramatically. We are specifically interested in traits like color gamut, luminance uniformity, and contrast ratios. We'll explain our benchmarks individually, but first, we're going to take a physical look at our three LCD monitors.

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Panel TypeTNTNTN
Screen Size23"23"23"
Max Resolution1920x10801920x10801920x1080
Aspect Ratio16:916:916:9
Response Time5 ms5 ms2 ms
Brightness cd/m^2250250250
Contrast Ratio1000:11000:11000:1
Picture in PictureNoNoNo
Antiglare CoatingYesNoNo
DVI-D with HDCP Input111
Energy Star QualifiedYesYesYes
Refresh Rate60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz
Warranty1 year1 year3 years
  • jimslaid2
    Ummmm LG! How Could you have left out LG?
  • taso11
    I think you mean DVI-D not DVD-D on your front page chart.
  • pirateboy
    hey where did my comment go?

    please review 16:10 monitors next time
  • sleeper52
    where's the NEC EA231wmi or EA232WMI? that's around $300 as well and it's an IPS
  • aznshinobi
    Hmmm.... Could've added an LG, I love my LG W2286L
  • Eggrenade
    Input lag!!
  • fstrthnu
    I'd actually rather see a 24 & 25.5" monitor shootout, they tend to be the higher-end displays of the brands (like Dell's super-duper Ultrasharp U2410).
  • Assmar
    A certain retailer has the samsung monitor listed for 280 with free shipping. If you don't live in CA, that's tax free, i'm pretty sure.
  • sleeper52
    fstrthnuI'd actually rather see a 24 & 25.5" monitor shootout, they tend to be the higher-end displays of the brands (like Dell's super-duper Ultrasharp U2410).
    +1 I'd like to see that. HP LP2475w (rev 2.0) vs Dell U2410 (rev 2.0) vs ASUS PA246Q
  • LuckyDucky7
    Why would you bother buying one of these monitors when you can get an IPS one for the same price?

    How about reviewing something like the ASUS ML239H and give us a useful review, rather than going over which one of these junk TN panels is the best? 100% sRGB is useless if you can't see it unless you're straight inline with the screen (any sometimes not even then).