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DivX 5.0: From T-shirt To Dress Suit

Benchmarks: Athlon Ahead Again?

The KT333 chipset in combination with the DDR333 memory helps the AMD Athlon XP on its way. Several AMD software developers have done the same thing Intel did some months ago - they helped optimize the codec.

Performance On Single Processor Systems

The real-time limit of 25 fps with PAL has long since been passed. This applies to both Intel and AMD. AMD's Athlon XP draws more benefit from the new codec than does the Intel Pentium 4.

Performance On Dual Processor Systems

Owners of dual processor systems, rejoice: computing power is distributed evenly between the CPUs during encoding. But that's not the end of the story. The Intel platform uses both of its Xeons more effectively. That makes encoding 2.5 times as fast as in real time. AMD gets a decent score too: the two Athlon MPs process 2.3 times faster than real time.