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11-Drive DRAMless SSD Round Up

Phison S11 3D Reference Designs

Phison S11 controllers are already available at retail, and the Patriot Spark further down this page touts the same controller.

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The first Phison S11 model uses Micron's L06B 256Gbit MLC NAND. This is the first time we've tested any product with Intel/Micron's (IMFT) new 3D MLC. At this time, the Intel DC P3520 enterprise NVMe SSD is the only retail product armed with IMFT 3D MLC.

The second reference design uses Toshiba 48-layer BiCS 2, which is similar to the NAND shipping in the new iPhone products released just a few months ago. There is not an SSD currently shipping with this flash in retail channels. Like the Micron 3D MLC, this is the first time we've tested Toshiba's 3D BiCS NAND.

Technical Specifications

Phison S11 Micron 3D MLC Reference DesignPhison S11 Toshiba 3D TLC Reference Design
Capacity (Raw / User)240GB / 256GB240GB / 256GB
Form Factor2.5"2.5"
Interface / ProtocolSATA 6Gbps / AHCISATA 6Gbps / AHCI
NANDMicron 3D 256Gb MLCToshiba BiCS2 TLC
ControllerPhison S11Phison S11

Unlike the rest of the SSDs in this roundup, these two are not currently shipping with this configuration. We may see retail products appear in January, or later in 2017.


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