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AMD Dual Graphics Analysis: Better Benchmarks; Same Experience?

Results: Company Of Heroes 2

Even at its lowest detail settings, Company of Heroes 2 brutalizes our hardware at 1920x1080. A lower resolution would likely help, but these configurations simply don't deliver a smooth experience as-tested. Technically, Dual Graphics does show a slight advantage over one card or APU on its own. But with minimum frame rates under 20, the results are hardly exciting.  

Charting frame rate over time shows us that the low minimums we saw in the first chart aren't symptomatic of a one-time dip. Performance actually falls under 30 FPS for a significant portion of the benchmark run.

The frame time variance in Company of Heroes 2 is extremely high. But the frame rates are so low that this probably isn't important. Performance falls below what we consider playable, so there's not much point in comparing the stutter-ridden output in video.